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What does Anact mean?

Anact stands for "an act". A simple act of kindness and making an impact.

What do you mean by ALL people and the planet?

We mean that our focus is ensuring that the farmers, the workers, and the planet are treating with respect, regard, and that our towels create as little harm to everything as possible.

What is hemp?

Hemp is from the Cannabis Sativa plant family. It was one of the first plants in history to be spun into a usable fiber. This durable fiber can be used to make textiles, building materials, food, paper, and more!

Is hemp a drug?

Nope! Although hemp is related to marijuana, it can not create a high as it has little to no THC (the natural chemical that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties).

Is hemp coarse?

Hemp can be coarse; however, like any fiber, hemp can be softened enough to make soft clothes and linens (like our towels!).

What is the history of hemp?

Hemp has been around for a VERY long time. According to some archeological sites, there is evidence of hemp being used as far back as 8000 BC!

In the U.S., hemp was used to make the flag, the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, and George Washington grew hemp as a cash crop. 

Due to its recent legalization, hemp is now resurfacing in U.S. history. 

Is it 100% hemp? 

Not at the moment. However; our towels have some of the largest percentages of hemp in hemp blends that you can find. Our towels are 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

Where is it from?

Currently, our towels are made in China as the U.S. does not have the infrastructure in place to create large quantities of hemp fiber to make products like towels. However; we hope that once industries notice the demand for hemp products, like the Anact towel, the infrastructure in the U.S. will follow. 

How does Anact make an impact? And how can you?

Each Anact towel saves 526 days of drinking water because it is made with hemp. Compared to hemp, cotton uses approximately 50% more water to grow. By creating a towel that uses such a large quantity of hemp, we've been able to significantly reduce our impact on the planet, and yours when you make a purchase of a towel or towel set. 

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