What is Anact?

Anact is  short for “an act”.  The simple act of creating impact.  My simple act was developing a hemp-based towel that is good for ALL people and the planet. 

When you buy a towel, you're already taking action and making a difference.  We hope you take it a step further and that each time you use the Anact towels you’re inspired to take simple acts to create impact too. 

In fact, just by purchasing ONE Anact bath towel, you save 526 days of drinking water!

Our Vision

Our goal is to disrupt the current cotton-heavy industry and show that not only can we make better products, but that people want better products. We also hope that by showing and increasing demand for hemp products, the infrastructure for making and processing hemp will improve in the U.S.. 

Why do we want to bring hemp to the U.S.?

Cotton uses around 50% more water to grow than hemp, and is considered one of the dirtiest crops. Meaning that it requires many pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides to grow. Hemp is a weed, and so it not only requires little water but it also doesn't need pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides to grow. Hemp is also bio-static, meaning it resists the growth of bacteria and mold (no more gross towel smells!). Making it the environmentally sustainable and healthy option for fabrics.

Why else should you buy our towels?

Our bath towels were successfully funded on Kickstarter, even surpassing the original goal we set. This, and the many positive reviews we've received on our towels is a testament to not only the quality of the towels, but to our story and our impact as well.

Check out what some people had to say during our campaign: