What is Anact?

 We are founded on the belief we are all equal and are all deserving of a good life. This conviction flows through everything we do.

Our people-first philosophy has led us to challenge an industry ripe for positive change. Our founder, an industry veteran, has seen first-hand the ethical dilemmas that exist in the textile industry. By sharing these typically unknown realities and providing a positive solution, we create good for everyone.

What is our solution? Towels. Towels are a universal need. Together, we have the power to transform lives and entire industries with this one simple product.

Sustainability without the sacrifice. Our towels—the only product like them on the market—have the highest performance features and are made completely from the Earth’s natural resources. These clean and cozy towels are good for everyone—from the farmer to the garment worker to the baby who is swaddled in them after his or her bath. They are good for the planet, too.

How? By using the Earth’s resources to solve everyday problems, we create a better future for all. Your global impact score is included with every purchase, so you can see first-hand how you make a difference.

Anact. Better for all people and the planet. 

Our Vision

Our goal is to disrupt the textile industry and show that you can be sustainable without a sacrifice. We believe that by showing the increasing demand for sustainable products, (especially those made out of hemp) that we can create jobs for U.S. farmers to grow hemp and manufacture here in the United States.

Why do we want to bring hemp to the U.S.?

Cotton uses around 50% more water to grow than hemp, and is considered one of the dirtiest crops. Meaning that it requires many pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides to grow. Hemp is a weed, and so it not only requires little water, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides to grow. Hemp is also biostatic, meaning it resists the growth of bacteria, which makes it an environmentally sustainable and healthy option for you, the farmer and the planet. 

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